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Nah Bah Lah Dah

googling Numerlogy NWO is always good for a laugh

I am SO BORED OF ALL THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for the Arctic Monkeys.

I Went to Barcelona. It was okay. Our barkeep was called Renalto and was a brazilian. The end.

I got Sennheisers for my birthday. It makes everything sound 1000 times better. Sometimes you just need to turn Shuffle off.

watched the office (UK) today. it sux. i mean it’s funny but one needs to be an office worker to truly crylaugh.

did i mention i like the arctic monkeys.



I am really hsignn etiaoheikk having gone to thehaenving owiteikkahkkow hkoowpqmgujabkl. Hm. Monkeys. Keyboard. Ok I’m signing off.