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no more apologizing for muslim mess…*rant*

Why is it only the muslim group immigrants that has trouble assimilating? Europe has its problems agreed – it’s hard for the natives to just open up their arms and they can be downright unfriendly – though I have never seen it to the degree as in, say, the Bible Belt in the US. So – why is it so hard for this group to just assimilate – the vietnamese, the srilankans (tamil refugees), the sikhs, the chinese, the thais, none of these people seem to have problems – infact they are quite well integrated, or at the very least are doing well for themselves and have managed a peaceful co-existence with the natives.

The problem with many islamic communities is that they are simply very very arrogant. They *will* not integrate. They *do not* want to associate too closely with those “blonde-whores” or interact in an agression-free manner with those “soft european boys”. Not joking, these are the things one hears regularly – this is the attitude to the native residents.

The agression starts at an early age in school and manifests itself ever stronger as the boys grow older. The females become ever more of a non-entity. By the time they are pre-puberty they are totally out of the social loop in most cases. Also, strange you might find it, but the kids of immigrants who were *born* here cannot speak the language – whereas the native-born kids of *other* groups speak it flawlessly. Why??

So the problem is not of one-sided opression, it has a big fat root also in the inability or the lack of desire for the islamic residents to just be cool and live and let live.

By the way, there are a lot of disaffected people also of other cultures, incl. the native europeans. They don’t usually go out in mobs and burn everything in sight. And finally, when a group has come in from someplace else, to get a better life, I think it’s common sense, decency and just plain GOOD MANNERS to at least *attempt* to understand and accept the ways of those that lived there already.

How many cases have we had (incl. the conquest of the americas) where the newcomers were too arrogant to assimilate and respect the natives. Where did all end? Lots of blood and tears. This is no different – not that the muslims are invading anything here, but the core of it is the same – and will end up making more more problems.

If someone is so hungup on their religion and cannot accept a secular, democratic way of life, then perhaps they *would* be happier living in a theocracy. Why live here then and be miserable and your neighbors miserable? Why for example are some parents of kids in a school in AUSTRIA insisting that the female teachers cover their heads with a scarf? Would the female teachers in an islamic land stop wearing tents and dress in a skirt/suit because the majority non-muslim students find the ugliness offensive? I think not.

Anyway – I was all defending this and defending that, but since these cartoon riots, where flags are being burnt and embassies attacked and Heads of State being asked to apologize for the actions of a privately-held newspaper… I am sorry I can’t be an “apologist” for the “poor muslims” anymore – I think I’ve had enough and am totally disgusted.


The useless type who shouldn’t live with other human beings.

Today was a strange day. We lazed about a bit and then drove to see “Midsummernight’s Dream” (in german of course – Sommernachtstraum) in Dusseldorf. The Play was good enough and worth the 30 bucks. However, a little stupid guy from the parking garage managed to put a lousy spin a decent evening.

We were parked in a place where if we drove out left it would go into a one-way the wrong way, and if followed the Huge Red Sign that said EXIT (AUSGANG) we would have been unable to go further as it was blocked by these roadblock type things. So we went back into the one-way bit, since it was exactly 15 meteres long, and there were a couple of cars ahead of us in this bit and some cars behind us. Not really having a choice we sat there in the car, waiting for our turn to enter the main line (Reisverschluss procedure, one goes from this line, then one goes from the other line, then one from this line and so on…).

Anyway, right when it was finally our turn and we were simply waiting on the car from the other line to move up, this guy comes up agressively towards the front of our car. No identification (like a hanging badge, uniform, etc.) Nothing. Just comes up yelling something. When we just looked at him, trying to figure out what he wants he brings his hand down HARD on our car’s bonnet!! wtf? By this time my husband was getting out of the car – first of all, this guy was like *sleeping* on the job obviously or the other cars up ahead of us wouldn’t have been allowed thru. Secondly he was totally agressive, and instead of tapping on our window so we could talk to him, just yelled something unintelligible and started banging like an ape on our car.

If he had just bothered to talk to us like an intelligent person, we would have explained that we couldn’t go into the correct way into the einbahnstra├če (one-way) because it was blocked by cars going the other way (these were the guys that ended up ahead of us in the Rei├čverschluss thing). We ended up behind them as we attempted to take the path marked EXIT in BIG BOLD RED letters…d0h! Anyway, even after the whole incident we were only able to reverse out and go back the right-way up the one-way is because the guys *behind* us saw that there was a scene being created by the moronic employee and quickly turned backwards and left for the only other possible path. Like I said, if he had an ounce of intelligence in him, the whole thing could’ve been cleared up in 1 second, since it wasn’t entirely our fault. But this guy just wanted to inform us how wrong we were, so he’d finally have something to *do* in his loser-job as the late-shift parking-garage attendant.

Finally, my husband gets back in after shoving him away from the car and gets back in and we drive the other way – no guidance from this moron as to the right way, and wait on the other exit to get out. This guy took perfectly innocent customers, who were just finished having a nice evening, and treated us like criminals from the word Go. He was just totally agressive and how DARE HE BANG ON OUR CAR???

No person has the right to go around banging someone else’s property..??!! And how on earth should anyone know he even works there when he had no ID on him or anything that would give us a *clue* that this is not some deranged freak – rather he is an employee (obviously an incompetent one, or none of this might have happened).

Biggest irony – we leave finally from the other exit, go alllll the way around and end up finally at the gate (the automatic thing that goes up after inputting the parking ticket) – there was apparently only this gate – and he made this BIG SHOW from his cabin that he was writing down our license plate number.

What. A. Stupid. Fucker. Oh GOD. I HATE SUCH PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Miserable, petty, small little shits. When they can’t behave properly like civilized people, and their victims don’t take it lying down, they get all “i am noting your license plate number”….how *ugh*. I seriously cannot handle such loser-types. They are so pathetic. Probably snitched on the other kids when he was in school – just the type to do it. *Blah*