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These medications have turned me into ozzy. I am in a fog and can barely be arsed to do anything. I am giving it one more week. If things don’t remove the medicines go in the trashbin and the doc can do his experimentation on someone else. This is ridiculous.

In other news: nothing.

I saw Mr&Mrs Smith, dumb.
donnie brasco, fell asleep owing to stupid medication.
chappelle show, funny at times really mediocre at others.

please please please stop snowing.

the old-cardboard/packaging trash container is 600 meters down a steep hill. Thanks to the iced-over roads I have to walk like a retard and it takes about 30 minutes to walk down – dodging cars that drive like it’s the middle of summer, skidding in the rush, often directly in the car’s path…jeez. Then how am I supposed to do this walk with a bunch of uncrushable half-folded pizzaboxes and other packaging that won’t go into any other trashcan? Seriously. I am stressed out. I want to move to some island type place where the only rule is don’t swim while drunk.


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