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I tried out a new type of bio-trashbag – I was annoyed that the regular brown paper ones are square shaped yet the bucket is round and no-one in Germany seems to have had the idea to produce a 10-liter bucket that’s, well, rectangular. But all the bags are rectangular. Still puzzled. (There are rectangular shaped trashbins for the bio-trash size, but they are sold specifically for that and cost 30 euros while being regular plastic bins that shouldn’t cost more than 5 bucks). ANYWAY to get to the point, I decided to buy these plastic biotrashbags made of corn-plastic. Or something. They are totally 100% organic and made of corn but for some inexplicable reason smell like McDonald’s fries. (It’s true!). They are however leakier (!) than the paper ones i.e. they don’t hold out as long as the paperbags and due to some strange biochemistry, stink like hell. I don’t generate enough trash for me to fill it up in 3 days. Is this weird?

What else is new – last night I stayed up all night (not been to bed yet and it’s 7 am) because the SO had to be up at 4:30 to catch a flight that left at 7 in a city that’s an hour away. So being the dutiful wife I am, I decided to all-nighter it, thinking once I have him and dressed and out the door, I can crash. Unfortunately I’m totally awake despite being tired and am filling up my blog for the sake of doing something. One might pose the question why I don’t clean up or something – um. it’s 7 am. too loud. don’t wanna disturb the neighbors. heh. heh.

In other boring news, my hair is curling up in a manic way, my shoes have started falling apart due to overuse and my cute straw (or something) slippers (flipflops) broke. I got tile floors. This village’s shops have a penchant for the chinese grandma slippers (the ones that have a big rubber thing going across the front part of the foot with a fake buckle and no support on the back, thicksoled) which I would rather die than wear…sooo I have no choice but to run around barefoot or wearing my boots under my robe. When will winter end?

I am going to attempt to sleep now.


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