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Another Day, Another Post

Today I have done nothing but punch holes in loads and loads of paper. I didn’t know I had this many notes and have a total memory hole as to how I stored them all this time – If they didn’t have holes, they weren’t in a binder and if they weren’t in a binder and they weren’t in a box where the heck were they?? It seems the paper mountain will never come to an end. For real.

Last night we got a dvd home only to discover it wasn’t The Wedding Crashers but The Skeleton Key. Must be the initial “The” that confused us…whatever. The dvd has now been exchanged, and all is well.

I did watch The Skeleton Key last night though (alone – the SO is not into anything that looks like a horror film) and was pretty surprised – it was good! I loved the ending and the only unexplained bit for me was the white-haired, white-eyed lady in the gas station. Who was she and why was she in any way significant? I thought she even looked a bit like the antagonist, an older version – weird.

Yeah it was a good film – just when I thought it was heading straight for hackneyed-ville it turns around and makes you go *gasp* – and the best part was the realization about who it was that actually got hung that night so long ago.

For once, that girl-whose-name-i-can’t-remember-but-is-goldie-hawn’s-daughter Kate Hudson fit the role, since she most films she just plays herself.

Tonight’s Dinner Menu: Tuna Steaks and spinach tortellini. Weird combo but available combo.


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