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no more apologizing for muslim mess…*rant*

Why is it only the muslim group immigrants that has trouble assimilating? Europe has its problems agreed – it’s hard for the natives to just open up their arms and they can be downright unfriendly – though I have never seen it to the degree as in, say, the Bible Belt in the US. So – why is it so hard for this group to just assimilate – the vietnamese, the srilankans (tamil refugees), the sikhs, the chinese, the thais, none of these people seem to have problems – infact they are quite well integrated, or at the very least are doing well for themselves and have managed a peaceful co-existence with the natives.

The problem with many islamic communities is that they are simply very very arrogant. They *will* not integrate. They *do not* want to associate too closely with those “blonde-whores” or interact in an agression-free manner with those “soft european boys”. Not joking, these are the things one hears regularly – this is the attitude to the native residents.

The agression starts at an early age in school and manifests itself ever stronger as the boys grow older. The females become ever more of a non-entity. By the time they are pre-puberty they are totally out of the social loop in most cases. Also, strange you might find it, but the kids of immigrants who were *born* here cannot speak the language – whereas the native-born kids of *other* groups speak it flawlessly. Why??

So the problem is not of one-sided opression, it has a big fat root also in the inability or the lack of desire for the islamic residents to just be cool and live and let live.

By the way, there are a lot of disaffected people also of other cultures, incl. the native europeans. They don’t usually go out in mobs and burn everything in sight. And finally, when a group has come in from someplace else, to get a better life, I think it’s common sense, decency and just plain GOOD MANNERS to at least *attempt* to understand and accept the ways of those that lived there already.

How many cases have we had (incl. the conquest of the americas) where the newcomers were too arrogant to assimilate and respect the natives. Where did all end? Lots of blood and tears. This is no different – not that the muslims are invading anything here, but the core of it is the same – and will end up making more more problems.

If someone is so hungup on their religion and cannot accept a secular, democratic way of life, then perhaps they *would* be happier living in a theocracy. Why live here then and be miserable and your neighbors miserable? Why for example are some parents of kids in a school in AUSTRIA insisting that the female teachers cover their heads with a scarf? Would the female teachers in an islamic land stop wearing tents and dress in a skirt/suit because the majority non-muslim students find the ugliness offensive? I think not.

Anyway – I was all defending this and defending that, but since these cartoon riots, where flags are being burnt and embassies attacked and Heads of State being asked to apologize for the actions of a privately-held newspaper… I am sorry I can’t be an “apologist” for the “poor muslims” anymore – I think I’ve had enough and am totally disgusted.


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  1. * mankydown says:

    Controversial. Mind you don’t get a Fatwah!

    Posted 13 years, 3 months ago
  2. * Michael says:

    Hello chica,

    I would like to know what is your definition of integration. It do not feel the truth when you say that only muslims have trouble living in a nation with a different culture. I think it’s probably true for some of them, but certainly not all and even less only for their group.

    I feel anger in your words. There is something that you don’t like about the attitude of people not respecting the choices of others, and this attitude is common to many people all over the world, regardless of their culture.

    I believe that it’s a question of what our definition of *good* and *bad* is.

    If you are educated in a way that tells you that your group is the ONLY one living in the truth, then it’s very probable that you may believe that all others are wrong.

    If you are told that you belong to a particular group, and that this group is the ONLY one that will be accepted in heaven because they are the ones that know the truth about Life (and about God’s needs), then you may think that all others are evil because they will go to hell because of their *disgusting* way of life that offends God.

    All of this is a matter of beliefs. This is the points that needs all our attention now at this time in the history of humanity. I believe it’s time to take a look at our old cutural beliefs about God and Life and see is really useful in bringing peace to all of humanity.

    I insist in the words “useful in bringin peace to all of humanity”. I’m not here to say what is *good* or *bad*. For me, these are only relative concepts, created by humans to express what they think is useful in bringing them what they want.

    I believe that a lot of people have been told lies about God and Live. I’m thinking about all of our religious leaders that teach us a theology of fear and separation from God and Life instead of a theology of confidence and unity with it.

    By the way, Life is for me a synonym of God. I don’t see God as person but as a process of evolution. And evolution means change.

    – It’s time to change these beliefs that keep us separated from each other => We are all one. All members of this great and beautiful family we call Humanity.
    – Change these beliefs about being right and others wrong => There is no *best* way to live your life. We are free to choose what we believe is true and we should recognize the divinity in each one of us instead of condemning each other. The truth lies inside your self.
    – Change these beliefs about *good* and *bad* => There is no *good* and *bad*, only what is USEFUL or not depending on what you are willing to do, be or have.
    – Change these beliefs about fear and guilt => We are FREE beings! By definition. God doesn’t judge, doesn’t need anything particular from you because it IS you and will always love you unconditionnaly.

    Well, I will finish this post by saying that I undersand what you feel about the arrogance of our organized religions. How would it be if all of our religious leaders took the courage to stand up and say out loud: “Our way is not the best, it’s just one amongst others”. I think this would lead us to a new space of possibility for understanding and respecting other peoples beliefs.

    Remember, don’t judge others for their beliefs because they are not right or wrong. A lot of people believe in a truth that did not came from them. They took it from others who told them to believe in it… or burn in hell. I believe that religions are evolving and that they will change from fear and guilt to confidence and acceptance.
    If this is what we would like to see happen in our future, then we should be examples of unconditional love. Don’t fear anything, don’t judge anything. Just observe and say what you think, exactly as you are doing right now.

    Posted 13 years, 1 month ago

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