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So I went to the doctor – and guess what he told me? Well at first he was all wonderful and badabish! there came the punchlines. Wants me to take a medicine which is *so* wonderful and has helped *so* many women – and oh, it isn’t exactly allowed to use yet by the local FDA-like agency but that’s hardly a problem, I would just have to sign a paper saying I am okay with BEING A GODDAMNED GUINEAPIG. I deserve an award for not letting my pure rage at this guy show. What the hell??? Why hasn’t a single doctor till now just been the good ol’ doctor? Why are they all like some sleazy snake oil sneaks?? Everything is about them prescribing a certain brand or doing research on stupid sheeplike patients who just agree coz “the doctor told them” or coz they like being sick and talking about their stupid boring problems all day. Ugh!

I am in a bit of a pickle now. I told the guy honestly after grilling him for 40 minutes on this medicine he was trying to sell me (and I can tell you, the look on his face when he realized I wasn’t just gonna thank him, sign the paper, then bend over for a nice long buttfuck was PRICELESS) that I want to google about and find out more about this medicine. It was like pulling teeth from the guy just to get some basic information about my “condition”. Jesus. These guys are worse than auto mechanics. Atleast you can live with a busted up car but what about my body? Do they really think I am gonna take some pills then take some other pills to negate side-effects of this one then *another* pill to negate *that* one…oh my GOD.

I would rather just carry on like this, since it isn’t a fatal condition that I have. I mean it may cause problems with having kids and suchlike (which is an issue for my SO) but … really. I don’t want to end up being one of those people that smell like pills. Yuck.

So what do I do. Tomorrow I have to give the guy more blood, so he can do a test that is apparently not necessary since he knows what the story is so that he can use this test to convince the med-insurance to pay for that lovely, expensive pill he wants to shove down my throat. Of course, it isn’t guaranteed that they will pay, so I can’t be sure of that. And I have to take it *only* for 1.5 years *atleast*. Man, this guy better take a reality check.

I’d really rather die than become a sicky.

I have a gut feeling that just improving my diet and including a better excercise program (involving lots of outdoors/fresh air) will end up having about the same effect as this medication – and leave me looking and feeling good at the end of it all.

It’s so scary when you doctor doesn’t care about your diet, your excercise, your lifestyle, your smoker-status and just goes straight to a chemical pill to solve your problems. That is about the time, private clinic be damned, all the cappucino and friendly smiles can do nothing to deny the fact that you are just a little hamster they are so gleefully about to test on. Yuck.


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