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Anyway I forgot to write about Today

Today was a funny one – I was supposed to spend the day googling, however I woke up a bit late and it’s all rainy and grey outside. I think the max. I can manage today is to wash the dishes and get into bed early. I am supposed to have an empty stomach before the first blood-pull and there will be 4 of them following in tomorrow’s session. So I think it’s best to go into bed to get the requisite 10 hour no-eating/drinking gap in. After the doc visit I get to work the entire day chez SO’s and fri, sat, sun I am planning to do all things I’ve been planning on doing for ages. I am going to tell the doctor NO to the medication since I am really intuitively feeling like it’d be the wrong thing for me. I don’t want medicines dammit!! I want explanations! Ugh!


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