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Today I came in to work @ SO’s. He has decided to put me in twice a week to “get me out of the house”. Now, I’m not naive. He just wants to fob off the not-interesting stuff he has to do onto someone else. Namely, me. No matter. I enjoyed being out of the house and having a reason for the whole life thing. Tomorrow is the 2nd working-day for this week.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have to be at the doctor’s at 9 am. Last week he extracted a *lot* of blood from my hard-to-find veins. About 12 vials of the thin red stuff. I read that blood only turns that lovely red colour when it hits the air and interacts with oxygen. Which makes me wonder – 1) what color is it in the body and 2) what’s air doing in the syringe-system she has stuck in my arm? I was rather brave through the whole thing though, which might be expected from a 32-year old. Proud all the same I didn’t clutch the back of her head and yank clumps of her hair off. While screaming like I finally found my purpose in life. (yes, I am afraid that when I find my purpose I will run shaking and screaming while bumping into various objects that change my orbit just a little bit).


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